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Got Questions? You'll Find The Answers To Many Of Them Below. If You Have A Question Not Covered Here, Please Get In Touch

So, what is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (also known as a VA) is an independent contractor who provides administrative services predominately from their home office, or maybe a local cafe or library, anywhere they choose to be.

Think of a Virtual Assistant as your own Personal Assistant. We are professionals who use our administration skills and office experience to provide services to others. We are business owners working under our own ABN and working the hours we choose.

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So, what do you actually do?

Today's technology means that a Virtual Assistant can pretty much do all the things a Personal Assistant can do, except they are not sitting in your office. Below are some examples of the types of services offered:

  • Reply to your emails
  • Scheduling your meetings
  • Type your correspondence
  • Invoice your clients
  • Make your travel arrangements
  • Create and maintain your databases
  • Collate RSVPs for your event
  • Mail merges
  • Document conversion

As long as your Virtual Assistant has the information and software available to them online, they can do anything you need.

We can't make your latte but we can tell you where the best place to get one is and suggest an app for your phone to beat the queue.

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What are the benefits of a Virtual Assistant?

  • You are only charged the actual hours worked.

  • Virtual Assistants are entrepreneurs and business owners and take a vested interest in the success of their clients and their businesses. 

  • You don't pay for non-productive time such as coffee breaks, lunch breaks or socialising.

  • You don't pay any employee overheads:
    • No superannuation
    • No payroll tax
    • No annual leave, sick leave or personal leave
    • No need to allocate office spare
    • No need to purchase equipment or supplies
    • No training 
    • No recruitment or placement fees
  • It is in the Virtual Assistants best interest to exceed client expectations not only for their own reputation but also to build their clients business.

Why don't I just get a temp?

  • Temp employees are exactly that, temporary.   With a Virtual Assistant you work with the same person every time

  • Virtual Assistants are available at short notice and on an ongoing basis.

  • A temp may just be looking for extra money or to build their resume.  Virtual Assistants take a vested interest in the success of their clients and their businesses. 

  • Temp agencies may charge a minimum of 3 hours, a Virtual Assistant is more cost effective as you only pay for the actual time worked.

  • Temps may have minimal experience whereas Virtual Assistants usually have many years of administration and office exposure and can offer a wide range of services.

How do you communicate and access my emails, calendar and documents?

  • Whatever you feel more comfortable with and suits your lifestyle. This can be:
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Snail mail
    • Text message
    • Via Skype
  • Your inbox can easily be managed by simply placing up a copy of your email account on our system and it is then accessed from there. 

  • Depending on your systems and whether you are already in the cloud there are also services such as Google Apps or iCloud for your email, contacts and calendar.  Dream VA can simply log on throughout the day and monitor as requested.

  • If you are unsure as to whether it is possible please feel free to contact me and we can discuss your current systems and requirements.

What programs do you use?

  • Dropbox  - an internet based program for sharing of documents, files, photos and videos.  It works in real-time and anything you add to Dropbox will automatically show up on all your computers and devices – so you can access your files from anywhere.

  • Google Apps   - for email, calendar and contacts

  • Skype – for communicating face to face

  • MYOB – accounting software

  • Microsoft Office Programs
    • Outlook
    • Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
  • We love learning so please feel free to recommend any technologies that you use in your business.  We are more than happy to research, learn and use them.

What's your working hours and turnaround time?

  • As a Virtual Assistant our hours are not set.  We work the hours available to us to complete the assigned task by the deadline agreed.
  • Dream VA is efficient, flexible and will always endeavour to provide the support when you need it.  We are not restricted to business hours.  
  • The standard turnaround time is 24-72 hours from when the quote is confirmed and all information/materials required to complete the job have been received.  This is an estimate as it does depend on the complexity of the job and Dream VA's availability.  An accurate estimate will be provided for your each request.  Please ensure your deadline is provided in your request so we can discuss whether it is achievable.

What about confidential information?

  • Dream VA prides themselves on trust and discretion.  

  • We understand clients expect confidentiality of all information, processes and procedures learnt through business dealings. 

  • Dream VA understands the importance of building a relationship and we take this seriously from the initial contact through to the successful completion.  

  • Your information is always kept confidential.  It will never be discussed or passed on to any third party without written consent.

  • We are happy to sign any confidentiality / privacy agreement that you require.

  • Dream VA will request that each new client sign a Service Agreement that does contain a confidentiality clause.

How do you charge people?

  • Dream VA has many different pricing options that can be tailored to suit your needs. 

    • Hourly Rate
      • There is a minimum of one (1) hour charged and then in 15 minute increments thereafter.

    • Package of Hours
      • Pre-paid packages are paid upfront and expire six months from the date of purchase.

    • Monthly Retainer
      • Retainer packages are paid upfront and expire a month from the date of purchase.  They cannot be rolled over.

  • Please contact us to discuss tailoring a package to suit your needs.

What about out of pocket expenses?

Yes, there are items that are not included such as:

  • Travel
  • Postage
  • Couriers
  • Printing in excess of 20 pages
  • Stationery for mail outs - envelopes, labels, packages
  • Professional printing
  • Binding
  • Laminating
  • Deposits that may be required for travel and concierge arrangements
  • Other purchases necessary for your specific job

Any additional costs in relation to your job will be agreed before work begins and added to your final invoice or paid directly to the supplier by you.

Can you come to my office?

Yes, we understand that sometimes you just need someone there in the office occasionally and don't want an anonymous person in cyberspace the whole time.  On site assistance can also be provided (at a negotiated price) for all services listed and we can also help with:

  • Filing
  • Scanning
  • Mail opening and sorting
  • Basic training on Microsoft Office Suite
  • Declutter and organisation

Please contact us to discuss options and pricing.   

Please note, areas of event management requiring on site assistance may incur additional charges and will be negotiated separately.

How do I make payment and what are your terms?

  • Dream VA Enterprises preferred payment method is by direct deposit into a bank account.  Direct deposit details will be outlined on invoices.

  • Payment terms depend on whether you choose a package or require a one off service.
    • Pre-paid packages are paid upfront and expire six months from the date of purchase.
    • Retainer packages are paid upfront and expire a month from the date of purchase.  They cannot be rolled over.
  • Detailed work summaries will be issued regularly to keep you informed of how time is being used.

  • An upfront deposit may be required for large projects or one-off jobs.

  • Late payment fees will occur if payments are over 7 days.

  • All jobs requirements are different so it is best we discuss this in our initial chat.

  • Please contact us to discuss tailoring a package to suit your needs.

Ok, I'll give it a go, what now?

It's easy.  Contact us and let us know what you don't like doing or what you believe is costing you time and your Dream VA will provide a cost-effective solution.

You can contact us via phone 0412 677 311 (within Australia) or +61 412 677 311 (from overseas) or via our online request form